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PCB Prototype

Prototyping needs are often essential with development of new products and appllication. BYSCO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED manufactures prototype PCBs in China. By utilising our extensive engineering capabilities and the latest PCB production techniques you can be assured of quality, on time delivery when it really matters ensuring that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Delivery can be achieved within 24 hours when required. More typically we would offer a 3 or 5 working day turnaround.

Over time we have developed a range of standard costs, thus enabling our customers to know in advance charges for developing their new Prototype PCB. This saves time in not having to wait for Quotations to be calculated. Our standard costs are as follows WWW.FEATURED SERVICE.COm

PCB prototypes allows you the client to look at the all aspects of the design in a more efficient manner and less costly in time and money than a production run. The follow list lays out good reason to prototype:

· Prototypes can eliminate issues early on before larger volumes of boards are produced.

· Prototypes can allow for clarification and refinement of requirements, allow a more accurate finial design and reducing rework costs.

· Prototypes can highlight both the seen and unforeseen technical issues allow these to be address up front.

Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote. We will reply you within 2hours after received your email.