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Customer Benefits

Here's how you benefit:

Our Attributes

Your Benefit

An obsessive attention to detail, and a culture of quality. A 99% acceptance rate.

You can be assured of getting what you want, when you want it.

Evidence of Quality documents sent with every order.

You can ship your product to your customers with confidence.

ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2001,UL

You can be sure, and assure your customers, that you are dealing with a quality pcb manufacturer.

Accuracy and Speed. 99%+ On-Time Delivery.

You will meet your schedule.

Aggressive,competitive pricing and commitment to cost reduction through innovation.

You will stay within your budget and receive value for your money.

A full range of products and pricing from Standard PCBs to Microelectronics PCBs.

You can select the level of service that matches your technology and pricing needs.

An Account Executive assigned for every account.

Whether you are a large or small customer you have someone assigned to service your needs.

An Unconditional Guarantee.

We are committed to your total satisfaction. If there is ever any issue with our product or delivery — WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. No excuses. No hassles.

BYSCO has strived for improvement in the quality, accuracy and speed of our PCB manufacturing and assembly. Continuous improvement is in our DNA
Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote.