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For many years we have successfully provided Electronic Manufacturing Services to the medical instrumentation sector.

Medical instrumentation OEMs require products containing a high content of electronics to be built toa very high standard and competitive price.

In this sector our projects include building high volume cable & sub assemblies and low to mediumvolume pcb and electromechanical assemblies.

Our assemblies are incorporated in equipment such as intravenous pumps, patient controlled painrelief systems, diagnostic analysis systems and artificaial limb components.

Quality. At BYSCO we believe that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that exceeds our customers's expectations. We achieve customer success through:

· Relentless focus on customer requirements

· Focused quality management system

· Data-driven management

· Specialized resources and focused training

· Certification to industry standard

· Commitment to customer satisfaction

Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote. We will reply you within 2hours after received your email.